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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located in Berthoud, Colorado.  


Do you have a physical store I can come to for shopping?

We do not have a public store front at this time.  Our facility is closed to the public currently.  We do sell online @ Emerald Reef  


Do you ship?

Yes! We ship via Fedex Priority Overnight.  Most packages will arrive by 10:30 am.  Depending on your location, packages may arrive later.  You will receive an email with the Fedex tracking number the day of shipping.


What kind of Lighting do you use?

All of our high light, SPS are grown using Reef Brite MH/XHO lights.  The rest of our coral are grown under Radions, or Orphek LED and T5s.  Occasionally we will utilize Viparspectra and Ocean Revive lights over our grow out tanks.


What are your system parameters?

We have our systems separated into two different system.  Our high light SPS tanks, and lower light corals.  We adjust the parameters accordingly.  Our base line parameters we strive to achieve and maintain is as follows:

  • Temp 76-76.5

  • Ph 8.0-8.4

  • Nitrate 5

  • Phosphate .02-.1

  • Alk 9

  • Calcium 450

  • Magnesium 1350 

  • Par for soft corals-50-100, LPS-100-200, SPS 275-400


How do you get those colors and growth?

STABILITY.  All of our systems are monitored by Neptune Systems Tridents.  One of the best things you can do for corals is keep the parameters as stable as can be.


Where do you get your corals from?

We source corals from a select few wholesale distributors.  Over the past few years, we have used quite a few different suppliers.  Frankly, most suppliers were not able to provide the quality of coral that we require.  We do not buy from local fish stores, and rarely purchase from hobbyists.  All of our suppliers are top notch, dependable, pest free suppliers.  A lot of our corals are grown in house.


Are all of the corals on your website WYSIWYG?

WYSIWYG corals are labeled accordingly.  Some corals that are not WYSIWYG are typically cut to order from our mother colonies.


How do you photograph your corals?

We use a Nikon dslr camera.  Typically we use a macro lens on all pictures.  We do use appropriate filters to make the corals look the way the do in person.  Typically our corals are adjusted to 20k for a white balance.  

Are there any other corals in your facility beside the ones listed for sale?

Absolutely!  Our web page is updated fairly often.  We have 500 gallons + of tanks running.  It would be impossible to post everything we have!  If you don't see something you are looking for, please contact us.  If you see something out of stock on our web page, typically we have that coral in grow out or another available.  


Do you do Facebook Auctions?

We do occasional Facebook Auctions on various different groups.     


If you don't have a public store how can I pick out corals in person?

Check our Facebook page for upcoming events we will be attending!!! Come see ERS in person and hand pick all the corals you want.  We also have deals available only at shows.


Can I request you to come to an event near me?

Sure can! Just send an email to

Any other Questions or Comments please call us at 1-970-670-0202

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